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Ezronymius, 12 maja AD 1999
(Menu: Teksty utworów / Black Metal. Przeczytano: 4363 razy. Komentarze: 5)

CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)

   Eternal Emperor
   eternal emperor of all
   In the nocturnal woods of moonlight
   your name I call
   Through thy word we get wise
   and in thy power we shall rise
   In this time of sorrow and dispair
   mercy Lord thine name we trust
   Sin and evil will follow everywhere
   but in the name of Jesus:
   Satan you have lost!
   Master Christ Jesus
   Ruler of day and night
   Within thine force we fight
   I thank you Lord Jesus
   for your blood and grace
   Through that I can meet you God
   face to face
   Eternal emperor
   Eternal emperor
   The Final Battle
   And I saw an angel
   coming down out of heaven
   having the keys to the abyss
   and holding in his hand a great chain
   He seized the dragon
   that ancient serpent
   and bound him for thousand years
   He threw him into the abyss
   and sealed it and locked it over him
   to keep him from decieving the nations
   anymore until the years were ended
   After that he must be set free for a short time
   The final battle is near
   The final battle is near
   When the thousand years are over
   satan will be released from his prison
   and will go out to decieving the nations
   in the corners of the earth
   Gog and magog to gather them for battle
   in number they are like the sand
   they march across the breadth of the earth
   and surrouded the camp of God's people
   The city he loves
   Fire came down from heaven
   and devoured them
   and the devil who decieved them
   was thrown into the lake
   of burning sulphur where the beast
   and the false prophet have been thrown
   and they will be tormented
   day and night forever
   forever and ever.
   Where Darkness Cannot Reach
   Master, we extol you, your name we're lifting high
   In your hands you've got everything
   When the final battle's won everyone shall see
   That our almighty Lord JESUS CHRIST is king
   Darkness tries to make me fall because of my sinful flesh
   Lord, come with your power, come in holiness
   You who made demons flee when they saw your might
   You who left your glory in the palaces of light
   Where darkness cannot reach there will my soul be free
   Where only light remains is the final place for me
   Thy holy angels are serving you, GOD, and so will I
   Lord of Lords, you let your blood run for all our sins
   Then you rose and triumphed over death
   When you conquered darkness and set the captives free
   Master, I worship you, I fall down on my knees


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Re: CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)
Ezronymius, skomentowano dnia : 04 stycznia AD 2002 @ 13:33.
Niestety, album został już wysprzedany (chyba że jakieś re-edycje się pojawią?).

Re: CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)
Michu, skomentowano dnia : 20 stycznia AD 2002 @ 14:08.
I tu zaczynają się schody... Jest unblack w najelepszym wydaniu - CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ale nijak go dostać nie można, można skopiować, ale co z piractwem...
   Co robić?...

Re: CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)
Szileny Rzeznickh, skomentowano dnia : 26 listopada AD 2002 @ 16:40.
tutaj byłem
   tu się śmiałem
   tutaj w gacie
   się zesrałem

Re: CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)
Marshall, skomentowano dnia : 07 kwietnia AD 2003 @ 15:39.
Mam do sprzedania ostatnią, nową płytkę Crimson Moonlight - "The Covenant Progress". Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany - pisz:

Re: CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Eternal Emperor (teksty oryginalne)
BlutDrachenfels, skomentowano dnia : 05 maja AD 2003 @ 15:09.
ja pierdole zróbcie tu zakaz handlu obnośnego bo ten rabin was w chuja przycina!

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