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Thoroth, 26 lipca AD 2004
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Crimson Moonlight - The Covenant Progress [teksty oryginalne]

   Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension
   Cleanse thine eyes, let truth appear
   The world is deceived, judgment is near
   Mankind is fallen, believed the lies
   Confused and have not seen the evil in his eyes
   Ravished they are by the beauty of this form
   Enslaved and can not see the chaos of the storm
   Root of all evil has grabbed the human race
   Saying: \\\"I don\\\'t care for others, I am God myself\\\"
   Millions in suffering, billions of tears
   This world is secured for how many years?
   Mist of the Spiritual Dimension
   Satan has cursed thy mind
   Awake, abandon mortal sin
   Truth thou shall find
   Dwell in the light of the Saviour
   Bathe in the Blood of the Lamb
   Sword of Thy mouth shall beat the evil flesh
   Evil destroyed by Thy return in brightness
   Total annihilation, damnation fell to dust
   War of Armageddon, obliteration is a must
   King of kings, the earth tremble for Thy might
   Thy coming seen by every eye our most awaited sight
   No one shall stand at that day, we will be on our knees
   Eternal kingdom comes without hatred or decease
   The dawning of forever, darkness is no more
   By the holy blood of Jesus, we won the final war!
   The Pilgrimage
   As dawn melted my heart
   I opened up my eyes
   Red roses from above
   Were planted inside of me
   And when the never fading love
   Was established in my heart
   My traveling days began
   I walked beside the constantly flowing
   Spring of clear water
   Always ready to slaked my thirst
   And give me peace and strength
   I ran towards the fields
   Inviting me to let my tiered soul rest
   How sweet they were
   Those pastures of green
   A smell of life filled the air
   And the sun gave constant energy
   To my once dead spirit
   The magnificence of this paradise
   Told a wonderful tale about a creation
   Taking place since times immemorial
   I could hear the tranquil whisper:
   \\\"Come closer to me, beloved one\\\"
   The Spirit\\\'s voiced touched
   My ears with love and care
   I continued the path
   And stepped inside the forest
   Still hearing the whisper:
   \\\"Come closer to me...\\\"
   But suddenly the beautiful trees
   And days light turned
   Into a landscape of thorn and fog
   Soon I was lost in an unknown wilderness
   And there was no end to my fright
   Tears ran down my mourned face
   And the pain showed no mercy
   There I was, a helpless and frightened child
   At last I fell down on my knees in prayer
   While feeling the despair
   Coming closer and closer
   \\\"Father, help me out of here\\\", I screamed
   But no answer was heard
   \\\"See my pain...\\\" no one there
   I became a lonely prisoner
   Bound by chains of doubt
   Nowhere could I find the meaning
   Of things happening to me
   At day I stood screaming, crying and praying
   And at night I lay shaking in terrible helplessness
   Finally, all my power was gone
   And I nearly gave up it all
   With my last strength I lifted
   My face towards heaven and cried it out:
   \\\"Father, Thy will be done, and not mine\\\"
   Then I felt in a total less of power
   Awaiting the arrival of another frozen night
   Path Of Pain
   But suddenly I felt
   His arms around me
   At last He had come
   The Son of Man spoke to me:
   \\\"You...\\\" the voice came, \\\"beloved one\\\"
   He raised me up
   And walked before me
   And I followed his footsteps
   With a sound of deliverance
   A small and hidden gate
   Was opened for me
   \\\"Follow me\\\", he said
   And invited me
   Into the landscape
   From where I first came
   We sat down by a fire
   And while his eyes penetrated me
   He started to show me
   The purpose of all my pain
   \\\"You see\\\", He declared
   \\\"I myself once did this for you\\\"
   \\\"For me\\\", I replied. \\\"Why?\\\"
   He continued:
   \\\"I once walked this path of pain
   But I went much deeper
   Than you ever may do
   My love for you knew no end
   And therefore I did
   I had to sacrifice my life that time
   And I did it
   Because of the never fading love I have for you
   But, though your pain was terrible
   And I saw no end to your sufferings
   I have walked the whole path with you
   You have not taken one single step
   Without me seeing it
   And I have heard every one of your words
   I heard when you cried for help
   When you asked the Father to see your pain
   Behold the path now lying behind you\\\"
   I turned and watch
   The steps on the road
   Each one of them was covered with blood
   As steps before also were
   His smile told of his great love to me
   And as I started to cry tears of relief
   He made a statement
   Beloved one, I may not tell you why
   I let you face situations like these
   But I give you a promise...
   I will never do these things
   To hurt you in any way
   But to strengthen you for future walk
   And remember
   Beloved one you will never be able to walk
   Deeper into the unknown parts of the forest
   Than I have done
   I have walked the whole way
   And therefore I know how to give you guidance
   When you feel trapped on unknown ways...
   He suddenly stood up and pointed
   In another direction, and said:
   Now walk this way and you will soon be
   Out on the main path again
   He disappeared from my sight
   But my spirit could feel his presence of His
   I trusted His words, and soon I walked
   Beside the clear spring again
   My whole being was strengthened
   And I was armoured with the trust in Him
   I needed for future tests to come
   And I continued to walk the path ahead
   Thy Wilderness
   As I wonder through the frozen
   Landscape of Scandinavia
   I am surrounded by
   The magnificent creation
   Thy nature truly a testimony
   Of Thy eternal might
   Like a wall, ancient mountains
   Rise beyond the endless forests
   As a mirror, the cold lakes
   Reflect their shadows
   Star of the Nordic skies glimpse
   In harmony with the heavenly
   Symphony of colours
   The majestic northern lights
   I praise Thee, o Master
   For the gift of nature
   I praise Thee
   For the landscape of Scandinavia
   Thou spread snow like wool
   And scatter frost like ashes
   Thou hurls down Thy hail like morsels
   Who can withstand Thy icy blast?
   Thou send Thy word and melt them
   Thou stir the breeze
   And let the water flow
   Ancient beasts of the north
   Made by Thy hands
   In the depths of the Swedish
   Wastelands they live
   Elks and bears
   Kings of the wood
   Who would not fear their creator?
   Thou have shown me
   The beauty of lynx and fox
   Their cunning conceived
   By Thy wisdom in days of old
   I have heard the wolves
   Lift their howls of praise heavenwards
   While ravens and eagles sour
   In the midst of the sky
   Proclaiming that the hour has come
   For the day of the Lord is near
   Soon it is upon us
   Verily, I have seen Thy sign
   The crimson moonlight
   A Painting In Dark
   He weeps, but no one hear
   Is this the final point of his life?
   The direction of his soul
   A painting in dark
   Where is he to go
   In this maze of confusion
   Will someone give him the strength
   To chance and forsake this path
   Is there somewhere a heart
   Full of freedom who can call his name?
   He strives towards
   Meaningless, endless horizons
   Traveling and searching
   For true life-giving peace
   He wipes his tears with golden cloth
   Lost in the lie: \\\"This is all you need\\\"
   He asks: Is there any true peace at all?
   These cries for help echoes louder
   Through the dark night of his soul
   But while praying in despair
   He discerns the shape of Love incarnated
   There he is, the One
   Wearing the bloodied crown of thorns
   His heart is beating with mercy
   And his peace caused the escape of fear
   But a silent mist arise
   Covering the vision of loving truth
   With a scornful smile
   The evil one pull down the veil
   Over the human face
   While telling the constant lie
   This mercy is not for you
   Twisting God\\\'s true words
   In the presence of honest seeking of truth
   That lies is spoken by the lips
   Painted with immutable cruelty
   The own flesh is to weak to resist it
   But God has seen the will of his heart
   And listen: the scarlet story is told.
   He can hear the sound of dripping blood
   Deliverance is made
   The punishment for his transgressions
   Are obliterated at the cross
   The final cry from God\\\'s
   Faultless wounded Son brought freedom
   The sins are crucified, restoration is given
   And the veil is lifted off
   He turn his eyes to the hill
   Beholding the destiny of his mistakes
   There hangs the one who paid his price
   The one who conquered death itself
   He looks towards the new horizons
   Where the sun never sets
   And starts to walk in its direction
   On the path of the eternal life
   Eyes Of Beauty
   Long time ago, but still in this age
   There was a man, seeking the answers
   For the questions of life
   An angel, so beautiful arrived
   By his side and let his voice be heard:
   \\\"I\\\'ll give you what you seek for
   But you will have to give your soul.\\\"
   Remember you have nothing to lose
   Look forward to what you will be given
   The angel seemed so good and honest
   The man decided to pay the price
   As his soul lay in the angel\\\'s hand
   The angel gave him the keys
   To the treasure halls and said:
   \\\"Always remember,
   The truth is everywhere in these halls.
   Enter without fear...\\\"
   The man opened the first gate
   And it was closed behind him
   Everywhere were things, that were
   Showing him the answers
   Just like he been told
   Spiritual jewels were
   Laying on the ground
   Waiting to be taken by his hands
   This search went on for many years
   Until he was satisfied
   With the answers he had been given
   Suddenly he noticed something so strange
   He had been walking inside
   These halls for many years
   But not found a way out
   Finally he met the angel
   Walking in one of the halls
   The man ran and asked him for help
   But the angel showed him the soul
   And told the man:
   \\\"Remember what you gave me?
   I have given you what you asked for
   But there are no way out
   From these treasure halls
   You will end your days here
   In my kingdom\\\"
   Things were no longer crystal clear
   And suddenly the eyes of beauty turned evil
   The betrayer had seemed so white and clean
   But the black soul he wore within
   Had hidden been until now...
   The man was betrayed
   Now nothing but pain remained
   He could feel his body and spirit break down
   The angel enjoyed what was seen before his eyes
   Because the promise he once gave
   Was nothing but lies
   Playing with fire had its price to pay
   The man had payed with his soul
   To this ancient lair
   What good had he been given instead?
   If he now died he would never
   Be able to see daylight again
   The picture of life in divine magnificence
   Would forever be gone
   The man fell down
   On his knees and cried
   The angel showed no mercy
   And told him there was nothing to do
   His life could now never be changed
   He had received the lie as a truth
   And that trust could never be recalled
   Suddenly he felt a voice internally saying:
   \\\"This is not the end, follow me, I show the way.\\\"
   A dove came flying inside the treasure halls
   Followed by a lamb that once been slaughtered
   The angel\\\'s face turned pale as he saw them
   He left the halls at once, frightened to death
   The lamb took the blackened soul
   Washed it white and gave it back to the man
   A Thorn In My Heart
   Fear not the shadow yonder
   It is where I bid you to go
   Can you hear their silent cries
   They need you there you know
   Listen to me my child
   I want you to make a difference
   Serve your fellow humans
   And thus show me your reverence
   In their souls they wail
   A thorn in my heart
   But stubbornly they refuse my help
   Therefore I send you
   Look towards the shadow yonder
   It is where I bid you to go.
   There is danger there
   But you need not fear
   My hand will guide you
   My love always be there
   Behold, I send you out
   As sheep amongst the wolves
   Farewell utopia, acknowledge their need
   Go now away, see to your brethren
   I am with you


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Re: Crimson Moonlight - The Covenant Progress [teksty oryginalne]
Marshall, skomentowano dnia : 13 sierpnia AD 2004 @ 10:58.
Niech Cię Bóg błogosławi :-*

Re: Crimson Moonlight - The Covenant Progress [teksty oryginalne]
timmy, skomentowano dnia : 07 października AD 2004 @ 02:41.
jaką płytę chcesz tym razem sprzedać, geszefciarzu?

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