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Ezronymius, 04 kwietnia AD 2001
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ANTESTOR - Martyrium (teksty oryginalne)

   Living just playing the game
   Lust for power lies within
   Killing is no longer a sin
   Striving for a mental illness
   And slowly leaving reality
   Lost without control
   Left within your soul
   Subconsciousness no turning back
   Absorbed by their own needs
   They cannot see where it leads
   Left in an inner world of fantasy
   Ending their lives as a human wreck
   Playing just losing the game
   Destroyed themselves with hate
   Their souls will not be saved
   Endless pain tormented forever
   God's rage awaits for them to see
   Lost without control
   Left within your soul
   Satisfaction death reaction
   Lifeless being life deceiving
   Materialistic lie existing until you die
   The world cannot give nor let you live
   Lustful bodies skinned to the core
   still crying out for so much more
   Needing eyes filled with desire
   made to be just another liar
   Turn away it's hell to pay
   Not a very nice place to stay
   When you die the needing eyes cry
   there's nothing left to consume
   All that you've worked for falls trough the dust
   there's only hell left to pay for your lust
   Materialistic lie existing till you die
   The world cannot give nor let you live
   Fighting seems so in vain
   Weakened by my own brain
   Mindless torture blackening my thoughts
   I'm flying away to my deepest decay
   I'm falling through the black hole
   I've lost my tears now I'm cold
   Deeper deeper deeper I'll fall
   I have no strength hear my call
   My soul is screeming let me free
   Take away this pain I see
   Descending feelings where are you leading me
   Desires of death rules in my darkness
   In the shadows I'll die alone
   Blinding sorrow there's no tomorrow
   There's no place my soul can hide
   Slain by the thoughts that lied
   Fighting seems so in vain
   Weakened by my own brain
   I'm searching for you I'm searching for me
   For some answers to see
   For something to come for something to go
   That's all I want to know
   God creates God destroys
   Jesus dies so you could live
   Drink the blood of Christ
   The Son of Man was sacrificed
   I'm searching for good I'm searching for bad
   Where is the faith I had
   For someone to listen for someone to care
   I don't want to be a mayor
   I'm searching for love I'm searching for hate
   Can it be too late?
   For something true for something false
   There's someone who calls
   God creates God destroys
   Jesus dies so you could live
   Drink the blood of Christ
   The Son of Man was sacrificed
   Never to feel nothing's too real
   The place of doom this empty room
   Look inside the brain
   The unconscious chain
   All the time awaiting
   Creatures my soul are taking
   Who can break these chains
   Only death remains
   The inmost fear it's all so near
   The evil within stored by sin
   The dark side forsaken
   Ready to be awakened
   In my darkest hour
   I can feel the power
   Running through my vein
   Driving me insane
   Where am I to go
   Still inside my soul
   Reaching out from within
   Who can forgive my sin
   If I could reach the door
   All this pain no more
   No more...
   I started to think of
   what I've done with my hands
   Worked hard and suffered for
   nothing but emptiness
   What to cry to die
   Under the sun that's why
   Wisdom and foolishness
   Nothing but emptiness
   Wisdom is better then folly
   The wise have got eyes in their head
   while fools walk about in the dark
   But they meet the same destiny
   What to cry to die
   Can you tell me why?
   Then I said in my silent mind
   I've the same fate as the fool
   What to cry to die
   Can you tell me why?
   What to cry to die
   Is it all a lie?
   How can all my wisdom serve me?
   The wise must die like a fool
   All Man's days full of pain
   all he does brings him grief
   No comfort just oppressed
   nothing but emptiness
   All his tears all his fears
   under the sun it breeds
   Hopelessness wickedness
   nothing but emptiness
   God has granted Man abundance
   a gift of God power to enjoy
   He won't dwell upon the passing years
   'couse God satisfies
   Living inside restless and wild
   Using your mind just like you're blind
   Imagination hallucination
   Distortion of the soul
   Leaving you out cold
   Nowhere to run there's no more fun
   See no solution to your confusion
   Don't stay too long
   You'll never know what's wrong
   Open up wide let God inside
   Be gracious to me o God
   In Thy true love
   In the fullness of Thy mercy
   Blot out my misdeeds
   Create in me a pure heart o God
   Give me a new and steadfast spirit
   Do not drive me from Thy presence
   Or take Thy Holy Spirit from me
   Against Thee I have sinned
   And done what displeases Thee
   Thou hast hidden the truth in darkness
   Through this mistery Thou teach me
   Create in me a pure heart o God
   Give me a new and steadfast spirit
   Do not drive me from Thy presence
   Or take Thy Holy Spirit from me


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Paweł, skomentowano dnia : 20 marca AD 2002 @ 13:45.
Cześć Bardzo podoba mi się ta strona, chciałbym Was prosić o małą przysługę:
   Czy moglibyście przegrać mi kilka utworów następujących zespołów:
   "Crismon Moonlight"
   oraz jakichś ciekawszych gotyckich
   Mój adres domowy:
   Paweł Gnybek
   ul. Gajowa 3a/6
   66-340 PRZYTOCZNA
   Z góry dziękuję
   "Pokój i dobro"

Re: ANTESTOR - Martyrium (teksty oryginalne)
ZyklonB, skomentowano dnia : 05 maja AD 2003 @ 15:23.
kurwa żydzie żydzie!
   wskakuj do szamba kurwa mać żydzie ty!
   łap granat w zęby skurwiały żydzie ochujały!
   ja pierdolę gdzie jest gaz, gdzie komora dla tego żyda?????????
   come, come poser-corpse and die again!

Re: Re: ANTESTOR - Martyrium (teksty oryginalne), skomentowano dnia : 31 sierpnia AD 2003 @ 14:47.
ai galea do antestor aqui é o andre quem fala
   curto muito o som que a banda produz
   sem duvida nenhuma é um som muito viajado
   queria que voces me respondessem.
   quero manter contato com a galera do ANTESTOR
   andre ( BRASIL )

Re: Re: ANTESTOR - Martyrium (teksty oryginalne)
Marshall, skomentowano dnia : 24 września AD 2003 @ 16:21.
Jasne, nie ma sprawy.
   Siabala, leche breche kum bęc chrup. Ja?

Re: ANTESTOR - Martyrium (teksty oryginalne)
timmy, skomentowano dnia : 24 października AD 2003 @ 08:18.
chciałem poinformować zainteresowanych, że zyklon miał trudne dzieciństwo ...

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