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Ezronymius, 23 lipca AD 1999
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MORDECAI - Through the Woods, Towards the Dawn (teksty oryginalne)

   1. Infinity Of Creation
   Yours is the day and light,
   even dark and night,
   sun and the glimmering moon,
   every creature and living being
   I walk in the nature,
   admiration fill me,
   I see the creation,
   I feel the spirit of God,
   I see the day until sun sets behind the trees,
   now wind blows,
   the oak leaves crustle,
   stars begin to shine,
   the atmosphere overwhelms,
   I start to praise His Holy Name
   Thou art mighty,
   O Lord my God,
   You've created the earth and heaven,
   earth is full of Your creations
   You make the sun arise,
   to show us the days,
   You made the moon to show seasons
   You make even darkness & the night,
   where the nightly owl howls for Your glory,
   Now I'll sing praise to our Infinite God,
   Bless my soul O my Lord
   2. Exhortation
   (Psalm 148)
   Praise ye the Lord from the heavens
   praise Him in the heights
   Praise ye Him all His angels
   praise ye Him all His hosts.
   Praise ye Him sun and moon
   Praise Him, all ye stars of light,
   Praise Him ye heavens of heavens,
   and ye waters that be above the heavens.
   Let them praise the name of the Lord,
   for He commanded and they were created,
   He hath also stablished them for ever and ever,
   He hath made a degree which shall not pass,
   Praise the Lord from the earth,
   ye dragons, and all deeps
   Fire and hail snow and vapour stormy wind fulfilling His word,
   Mountains and all hills fruitful trees
   and all cedars beasts and cattle,
   creeping things and flying fowl,
   kings of the earth and all people,
   Praise ye the Lord
   Let them praise the name of the Lord,
   for His name alone is excellent,
   His glory is above the earth and heaven,
   He also exalteth the horn of His people,
   to be praised by all His saints,
   Praise ye the Lord.
   3. Dawn Eternal
   Wake for the Coming,
   Moon turned scarlet,
   see the horror in sinful eyes,
   The Dawn will rise,
   Signs of the end will lead to that day,
   The end of our wandering it will be,
   The Dawn Eternal rises,
   our Saviour will return,
   everlasting joy will begin,
   Through the infinity,
   beyond the stars,
   beyond this time,
   to Heaven we'll fly,
   The ones filled with hate and sin,
   realise the eternal grief,
   Time is up,
   Dawn has risen,
   The Grace,
   The Son,
   We are immortal by the sacrifice on the Skull,
   Give yourself to CHRIST,
   Now, When the time still exists,
   'Before Dawn Eternal
   4. The Last Winter
   The snow silently lands on trees and ground,
   thoughts of staying here forever goes through your mind,
   so beautiful, the breeze bites your face,
   still this nature draws you to stay
   These paths I've wandered times and times again,
   These paths lead to the edge of my mind
   Wintry paths take me towards the One I love,
   and now my mind flies me to the peace,
   the salvation I have,
   the guidance through these mazes of winter,
   The everlasting time suddenly starts to fade in your eyes,
   the coming of Jesus is near,
   the Last Winter '
   Like your heart belongs to the winter,
   my heart belongs to Christ,
   see the nature for your final time,
   you dream of winterscape,
   like centuries ago,
   when God created it, to you,
   the dream reflects coming eternity, like a withering flower,
   the time silently fades away,
   we are there...
   In The Last Winter

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