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Grzecho, 13 czerwca AD 2003
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   Times Of Separation
   once again to strive, to beat it out
   over and over again.
   so worn, worked over
   with the intention to kill.
   to watch him die and smile
   at his dismay
   his pain,
   my deliverance.
   my cleanliness a gift of freedom.
   my walk purified.
   my peace given by God.
   what else is there
   after slipping away.
   when every thing is silent
   and nothing else is around?
   looking deep inside.
   hearing the echo of my soul,
   no one can know.
   in these times of silence,
   these times of seperation,
   i find there is a void that rises up,
   a peace that brings my tears,
   a comfort that no one else can offer.
   so why do people run away?
   why do the look elsewhere and base
   their self on opinions
   when the truth is so evident that this
   God of love is so constant?
   destruction and storms.
   my Jesus stands to help.
   Surrounds Me
   put your coal to my trembling lips.
   voice fills void with your breath.
   crescent tears from the relief You bring.
   undone in You. I love You.
   broken teeth of my frustration.
   your glory it surrounds me.
   sing praises to God, sing praises.
   blanket my mind
   with Your wisdom and insight.
   hand molds the mud of my heart.
   joy of Your strength
   overwhelms my praise.
   quickened in You.
   I praise you.
   vibrant peace envelopes my lack.
   Your glory it surrounds me.
   sing praises to God.
   sing praises.
   revelation, unknowing has been taken.
   why had I waited so long?
   refrained for this love.
   never open to the hope He has.
   how could i reject this?
   He was calling my name.
   searching for me.
   i always turned away.
   not wanting to believe
   i had a need for Him.
   feling this emptiness.
   not knowing he could fill.
   drowning in my efforts to find comfort.
   i searched and strived for the answer.
   but every step I fell
   and the earth crumbled under me.
   now I found this Rock.
   this stable place.
   the pain has gone away.
   i place my hope in no other.
   my heart, it cries,
   it toils inside me.
   wanting all to have this life.
   wanting all to know this love,
   but I'm reminded of my turning.
   closing my eyes.
   running the other way,
   but I've decided.
   i opened my eyes
   to find more than I was looking for.
   my mind screams.
   knowing this is for all,
   but not all want i've found.
   now I found this Rock.
   this stable place.
   the pain has gone away.
   i place my hope in no other.
   I will lift you up.
   I will praise your awesome name,
   praise your name
   for what it's worth and nothing less.
   perfect in all things,
   most high God.
   commend to praise.
   to adore.
   to glory.
   in something so still.
   lies, deprication of self.
   moral demise.
   the corporate machine of america.
   "in god we trust"
   statement of political banter.
   plastic words for a plastic nation.
   bred to live the american dream.
   elderly parents in institutions.
   billions of dollars for the promotion of
   cutting edge abortionary practices.
   prayer in schools has been replaced with condoms.
   the value of quality family time has regressed
   to the television's filth and sexual innuendo.
   our forefathers established this nation,
   under the grace of God.
   in all his provisions.
   why we are so richly blessed.
   our Father,
   deliver us.
   In Loving Kindness
   thank You for the cross
   trusting in the balance
   has tilted me towards righteousness.
   lifting my spirit once again,
   sinking not in my functioning.
   inhale, exhale this over and over again.
   looking for tomorrow
   forgetting about today.
   dying, dying, dying, dead
   through prayer and sacrifice
   into all the earth,
   with love and understanding.
   now I look to importance,
   standing here steadfast,
   to renew the spirit within me.
   do not cast me away from Your presence
   or take Your Holy Spirit from me.
   i will endure.
   it will endure in me.
   until the end forever,
   i will endure.
   if we continue in these ways,
   rebellion bends towards hatred.
   we rise up for our cause
   and forsake the outsiders.
   where is this love, this understanding?
   who will stand?
   what will break down
   if this uprise of self is left to reign?
   looking forward, for a standard to uphold.
   an answer for the questions.
   the wavering of beliefs lead to destruction.
   nothing remains constant to, to it's origin.
   but the unchanging faith of Christ,
   the One stable since creation.
   thoughts have come
   and theories have gone.
   nothing has lasted through the resistance.
   but who can deny, who can dispute
   the faith that's been throughout
   since the foudation of the beginning?
   it has always been and will always be.
   it has been proven. it shall remain.
   this faith has stood the test.
   it persists through conflict,
   through the revolt against it's ways.
   nothing has held true like this.
   no other has revealed such strength.
   the roots run deep within,
   entangling around my Rock.
   never letting go of this truth,
   the power that has sustained me.
   i will endure in what i believe
   and it will endure in me...
   The Children Cry For Help
   no eyes have seen.
   no ears have heard.
   no mind has conceived
   what God has prepared
   for those that love Him.
   multitudes behold His glory
   and give praises for what He has done.
   in the time of need the children cry for help.
   many searching for a void to be filled,
   while in stride
   they fall to their face in tears or laughter
   after the release of His abundance.
   has His unfailing love vanished forever?
   has His promise failed for all time?
   has God forgotten to be merciful?
   has the anger withheld His compassion?
   Jesus, my Lord and Savior,
   though my mind wonders of what i have not seen,
   heard, or conceived,
   i will turn my focus to You.
   i won't allow it.
   i won't let it happen.
   this weakness will be strengthened.
   take away this battle.
   let Your fire burn within.
   don't release Your hand from me.
   i must surrender, must lay it down.
   what's to gain from my selfishness?
   what will i promote,
   and what will be pushed back?
   my hope must rise, strength come forward.
   linking my hand in.
   i won't let it happen.
   this weakness will be strengthened
   take away this battle
   let our fire burn within.
   don't release Your hand from me.
   i must surrender, must lay it down.
   what's to gain in my selfishness?
   what will i promote,
   and what will be pushed back?
   my hope must rise , strength come forward.
   linking my hand in Yours,
   let Your chains uphold me.
   i won't break the bond.
   no more will i remain the same.
   my God has ever loved Himself in me.
   i am convinced.
   i must stay.
   Song 1
   there is no other way
   to explain for what He has done.
   He came to me in such a holy way,
   such a way that i would die for it.
   it is more than just a belief,
   He lives in my heart.
   how else can i explain it to you...
   Jesus Christ.
   Thx 4 Corey za udostępnienie płyty


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mariusz, skomentowano dnia : 16 czerwca AD 2003 @ 17:34.
Szkoda że po angielsku te texty, zao wspaniały zespół - świetni ludzie! Jedna z moich ulubionych kapelek. Jak nie znacie to szukajcie. pozdrawiam. Godbless! <>< mariusz ><>

Mid, skomentowano dnia : 16 czerwca AD 2003 @ 22:07.
Oj tak tak... szkoda, ze po angielsku. Gdybys jednak, jak wszyscy porzadni mlodzi ludzie, uczeszczal do szkoly lub prywatnie na angielski, zamiast siedziec calymi dniami w kosciele, to bys takich problemow nie mial.
   Nie pozdrawiam.

SK, skomentowano dnia : 17 czerwca AD 2003 @ 22:16.
Mid nie bądź mądrzejszy od telewizora :)
   Ja tam staram się chodzić do kościoła każdego dnia i jakoś problemów z j.angielskim nie mam.
   Pozdrawiam fanów ZAO. Zaiste - ZAO - nieźle wymiatają :)

Re: Re: ZAO
HC, skomentowano dnia : 08 października AD 2003 @ 12:13.
Świetna kapela nie wiedziałem że jest katoilicka, bardzo mnie to cieszy że i w HC sa takie odzewy. Jest geniaqlna :-)

kala, skomentowano dnia : 15 października AD 2003 @ 23:18. ja juz nic nie rozumiem,az takie nudne sie to forum zrobilo?

Re: Re: Re: ZAO
qb, skomentowano dnia : 23 października AD 2004 @ 16:03.
katolicka ???
   hm.... ona chyba jest chrzescijanska a nie katolicka [na szczescie]

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