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Blackwater, 22 listopada AD 2002
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EXTOL - Undeceived (teksty oryginalne)

   1. Inferno
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: o. Břrud]
   The result of a failure
   Genetic error
   A system out of control
   Creative energy
   Transformed into hatred
   A twisted perception of truth
   Mankind breeds mortality
   Sickness passes on through generations
   The effect shows through genocide
   Malfunctioning minds
   A bite of the fruit
   Termination activated
   This creation once destined for success
   Now violated and raped by one
   Given access to the heartland
   Evil dominion over their spirits
   Divorced from it's creator
   Crying out
   2. Undeceived
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: P. Espevoll]
   She lies in her bed staring into nowhere
   Tears running down her face
   An open wound bleeding
   Her body turns pale
   Recalling the road leading away from right
   As the dark had appeared as light
   Tricked to cross the line, dragged further in
   Then trapped in a swirl of wicked lies
   Now, no sign of light, no sign of hope
   As a dark shadow enters her room
   A freezing chill runs down her spine
   The presence of death fills the room
   The shadow encircles her, pale of fear
   Slowly draining the last drops of life
   Her last strength she forces through
   And cries out to the Lord she used to know
   Overwhelming light annihilates the dark
   Immediate rest fills her heart
   My dear child, come to Me
   I will restore you and embrace you with My love
   3. Time Stands Still
   [Music: C. Espevoll, Lyrics: C. Espevoll]
   Time stands still
   The whisper in my ear
   The spirit within
   A struggle destined to fail
   Infested thoughts
   Spirit contracts
   Lust dominates
   Fallen once again
   Frustration accumulates
   Anger towards the fraud of the world
   Anger towards the lack of self control
   Condemnation, immediate repentance
   How much can You take?
   The disappointment of my deceit
   Disobedience to Your will
   Of my weaknesses I'm desperately aware
   Do I even dare
   To repent again?
   Why (would you) endure the pain?
   Prisoner of filthy chains
   Unclean, unclean
   Help me God
   Set me free
   4. Ember
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: C. Espevoll]
   There is a fire to light a sleeping heart
   A wish to see the spirit take control
   Crush the chains that hold you down
   And let yourself be filled with fire
   Wake up and realize the dream you've lived
   Was set up by the liar
   A broken heart, a kneeling soul
   The spirit will set you on fire
   To give you strength to reach the ones
   Who search the truth with a deep desire
   Crucifixion of the ego
   Death and burial of the old
   Crush the chains that hold you down
   And let yourself be filled with fire
   A broken heart, a kneeling soul
   The spirit will set you on fire
   There is no spiritual authority
   Outside obedience to God
   A broken heart is needed to reach this state
   Divine encounter with the living God
   5. Meadows Of Silence
   [Music: O. Břrud]
   6. Shelter
   [Music: O. Břrud/C. Espevoll, Lyrics: P. Espevoll]
   I close my eyes
   It's not the picture of You I see
   The impressions, the sight, the thoughts
   Are stuck into my mind
   My vision is blurred
   I can't see clearly
   I can't hear Your voice
   It's all disturbing my peace of mind
   Something inside tearing me apart
   Trusting myself to find the way out
   Leading me just deeper into
   A well of confusion and mourning
   There is nothing else for me to do
   But to put my hope and trust in You
   I know You will lead me through
   When my eyes are focused on You
   Let me dwell in Your shelter
   Let me live in Your shadow
   Free me from these destroying plagues
   Your faithfulness is my shield and protection
   7. A Structure Of Souls
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: O. Břrud]
   A fusion is conceived / Through a synchronizing Faith
   Exposing forces unseen
   This is the embodiment of Love
   Growing, the image of a man appears
   His limbs are injected with power
   The heart of his mission is peace / And deliverance
   Stronger, his body increases with strength
   Absorbing a Godly nourishment
   The members work in one accord / Reaching the fullness of man
   A Structure of Souls / Bounded by one Spirit
   A union of hearts / Saved by the same Spirit
   We are the members of / The body of the Son
   We are the Church of Christ
   Freedom is to be our destiny / Due to the eternal grace
   That comes from the Author of Life / The one and only God
   8. Of Light And Shade
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: D. Husvik]
   Indifference surrounds me / yet my heart is secure
   The shadows grow stronger / yet my spirit is protected
   Observing the extreme absurdities
   Still my heart can't be moved
   I can rest in the loser's haunt
   For the Victorious has filled the void inside
   I can wander by the source of hell
   For the Lord of all lives in me
   In these circumstances I dwell
   Thank God, In Him I am not a part of this
   My inspiration, Giver of Life
   I want to shine, radiate Your presence
   I want to show them the warmth of truth
   That You showed me
   So they can understand
   Who You are and why I worship You
   Even if my life should end / In the valley of the shadows
   My spirit will exist in a new dimension
   Forever with Him, my Father
   9. Where Sleep Is Rest
   [Music: O. Břrud]
   10. Renewal
   [Music: O. Břrud/C. Espevoll, Lyrics: O. Břrud]
   I can hear a signal from the center of my soul
   Ignite the impulse of life
   Make a change of patterns in the
   Landscape of the inner man
   Obtaining a new perspective on life
   Discovering a new dimension of Freedom
   A penetrating power claims dominion in my being
   Leaving the old man to die
   The presence of a spirit is reflected
   By the wave of change
   Recharging power / Receiving strength
   Renewal of mind and soul
   I have established contact
   With a higher form of intelligence
   Giving me wisdom and insight
   A complete restoration of my spirit
   A revelation of the truth
   Effects the way I'm thinking
   I am part of Your plan
   I will let Your Spirit move inside me
   Like a Breath of Life
   I send out a message to the souls still searching
   Invite the Maker of Life
   Let Him be the guidance to
   Complete your life in every way
   11. Abandoned
   [Music: J. Carleklev/Sanctum]
   12. And I Watch
   [Music: O. Břrud, Lyrics: O. Břrud]
   And I watch how your big words
   Return with an echo of emptiness
   Inside your walls of fear
   Feeding the insecurity
   And I watch as your soul
   Swallow the blackest lie
   Resurrection rejected
   Denial of afterlife
   Symptoms of a blind man
   To comprehend the insanity
   Of this grand illusion
   Is unbearable
   The spirit that fears the Blood
   Can never bring truth
   Fallen with the snake
   Never to rule
   And I watch you return to your folly
   As a dog returns to it's vomit
   The choice has been made
   Abandoning the call of freedom
   13. Human Frailtie's Grave
   [Bonustrack for the Japanese and German versions]
   A life worn out by endless reflections
   Has shattered every single last hope of rising again
   Has defied your advise and counseling
   The sinful nature causes a weak discipline
   And drags me to the human frailties grave
   Self inflicted wounds
   Innumerable false steps
   Unforgivable mistakes repeated to a frightening agree
   Gradually growing conscious of the habit-forming addiction
   Through me all actions fail
   The human weaknesses
   Are once again at force
   In unrecognizable shapes
   New structures each time
   Fragile symptoms constantly show new characteristic sides
   I myself am weak, am nothing
   Uncontrolled line of thought color my manners
   I know there is more to reach for
   I know where strength is found
   The overflowing, everlasting source
   Within you my maker
   With You by my side
   The safely directed journey
   In me, around me, your presence
   Enriches, creates, gives life
   You offer completeness,
   You are hope
   14. Shadow of Death
   [Bonustrack for the German version]
   [BELIEVER cover]

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