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Blackwater, 22 listopada AD 2002
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MORTIFICATION - Triumph of Mercy (teksty oryginalne)

   1. At War With War
   yeah, at war with war
   yeah at war with war, no more, at war with war.
   they seek his life in vein he will not be
   denied, he escapes the clutch of sin to be restored
   unto his homeland
   They brag the victory, but it comes through love not
   hate, see the power comes from the servant who puts
   his sword to service
   Bridge- Love not your life among us, lay down your
   hate for service, the power comes from lifting others,
   the weak shall hate mankind. What makes you think
   you're powerful, you hate those you see as less but
   the more people that you trample, the more you're
   bound to trip.
   Militias of death, people who hate the black
   man...what makes you think you're best? take heed of
   victorys in arenas
   I have made myself a servant to all, that I
   might win all the more, now I do this for the Gospel's
   sake that I might partake it with you. To the jews I
   am a jew, to those under the law as under the law, to
   those without the law as without the law, seeking to
   serve, to signify.
   2. Triumph Of Mercy
   Weeks of hideous pain bent me down,
   doctor gave me asprin to ease the pain,
   soon a blood test revealed the brutal force,
   I had been inflicted with the worst...luekaemia.
   Chemotherapy began the process off,
   powerful but destructive drugs infused into my blood.
   The only way out, but hideous pain,
   cry out to God in the night.
   He blesses his children with sleep.
   But little did I know that the real pain was coming.
   What is known as a bone marrow transplant,
   was my only chance they said.
   Chemotherapy was just a 1% chance
   but if I could find a donor with identical stem cells,
   I could have a 25-40% chance of cure, survival.
   78% of sufferers never find a donor but something
   interesting was there in my case....
   God had given me my father's stem cells,
   perfect for the transplant.
   God doesn't work by percentages.
   we trusted God with all our heart
   my dad had had skin cancer,
   any remaining melanoma would surely have taken my life.
   The immense suffering of a bone marrow transplant can
   not be put into words.
   As I lay in my living nightmare I cried out to God,
   who is always there.
   Two days had gone past the limit to produce the blood
   for me to survive.
   Doctors with empty faces entered the room to share the
   devastating news.
   I needed a second transplant or I would surely die.
   We were told the second transplant usually didn't
   work, but was my only hope.
   We needed a miracle from God, we felt his power fill
   the room. Peace overcame fear, as we gave up control
   to the almighty. Ashtonishment, joy, and disbelief was
   felt by family, medical staff and doctors, were
   shocked with the realization that the original stem
   cells had begun to work. God performed a miracle and
   the blood began it's count. Soon the graft had taken I
   was on the road home. As I was discharged we prayed
   that all would work.
   Weeks of pain followed as my body fought to live. The
   devastating pain was a real sick affair. I forced
   myself on walks and to eat each day, but the immense
   pain was more than I can say, was more than I can say.
   As I struggled to live on and fight the sickness war
   we were told by doctors that the cancer had returned.
   Two weeks I was given but we had had enough. We were
   ready to hand all to God. No more treatment I annouced
   to the cancer doctor. Standing there I was in God's
   hands then suddenly one day a double seizure struck me
   down. Family gathered round to see my final hours.
   Countless damage had racked my body leaving me half
   dead. I couldn't walk, I couldn't see, my insides were
   badly hurt, it seemed it was the end for me. Warrior
   upon warrior around our distant globe kept the vigil
   fight of prayer of power that can't be stopped and as
   the folks cried out to God, He heard them and I live
   to stand for him. A lot more special days. God has
   given me peace and comfort all along. As I have cried
   out to HIs grace the joy is overwhelming. He has the
   power to heal, He has the power to save, as we trust
   in his mercy we know that we are safe. I KNOW THAT I
   AM HEALED!!!!!!!
   3. Welcome To The Palodrome
   Welcome to the paladrome, mansions in the sky,
   welcome to the paladrome, Lambs book of life
   All these problems count for nought, in the
   light of eternity.
   all our cares will be lost, all our fears
   will be gone, the pain on which you dwell is useless
   to your sould.
   he's our healer, our provider, he is
   there, in our pain
   All this flesh will be gone, our mind won't understand
   but put your hope in Love, His way will be inveiled
   He's our comfort, our great high priest, the ONE we
   love, take pain to your knees
   4. From His Side
   I, I see the world it's wicked ways hate, greed, ad
   the pain take it away. how can we be saved intense
   demise Christ the only way out relive
   Holy Water, flowed from your side, from your
   side, flowed blood of life
   light of the whole world centered, beam into my soul
   save me spirit water revive bring back my life
   heealing pulse of the maker recieve
   Imaculate, feeling of pure cleansing my world, healing
   balm of life, into your side, the swored was thrust,
   blood and water flowed power to heal us all
   Christ is here to wash your ways, Christ is here to
   bring you hope, Christ is here to crush your pain,
   Holy One invade my world.
   Healing of my Lord come to me, intwine the graft to be
   alive, blood bond of the past perfect remains father,
   son, and the lord your healing plan
   5. Influence
   those who seek after fame put others down, climb the
   heights of your dream to be proclaimed. The world
   doesn't need any more stars exalting self. The world
   needs more people of faith. Influence in your life, we
   done want the fame we want salvation, influence for
   the cross, unity of faith across the nations. make the
   way of the cross your life goal pull the man from his
   grave to be revived. Millions of hopeless troden
   people there is hope in the saving blood of Christ, Go
   into all the world and preach the gospel to every
   listener and to all who believe in Jesus Christ will
   be saved but they who do not believe, will be
   see the light in the eyes of the holyman. can't you
   see that the rivers flow within, wby be lost in a sea
   of hate and lust, we can tell you the change is now in
   Now be born to a new life, certain hell awaites the
   lost. The utter pain without God in eternity is more
   than a thousand lashes could toll.
   6. Drain Dweller
   out of the sewers, out of the drains, life of filth,
   possess your brain. Where's your next bed, where's
   your next bread. Hide those scar filled veins.
   Scramble for money, beg on the streets, looking for
   mercy, can you be freed, you've no love in your life,
   you were dropped at birth, what is fair about pain,
   some just suffer on, somehow I releate to your utter
   pain. All I know is this, God is always there, come to
   him, cling to him, trust in him, see the change, when
   all is lost, read the word, shout to God, and feel the
   hope. You're out of the sewers, you're out of the
   drains, new birth has come, your life is saved, all
   those new friends, those ones who care, their
   compassion, comes from God. Show those drug free
   veins. You've found love in your life, you were hugged
   at rebirth, when you ventured to your new found faith
   in DCHrist, Show those drug free veins!!!!!!
   7. Raw Is The Stonewood Temple
   in the midst of the field of life we stand in the
   storms of the dark oly salvation brings us light all
   else is false hope. Raw is the stonewood temple,
   stained glass window shining, raw is the stonewood
   temple, light in the midst of dying.
   Buffet our bodies in the walk of the light, evil
   cannot break us we're insured with eternal flame, save
   our souls from dying. Die to rise, arise, survive, in
   the pain that this life brings, Christ is the only
   hope. we are but dust form of man Don't forget
   the light, the light, eternity!
   We pray the promise of eternal life, we pray the
   promise of abundance, we pray the claim of hree score
   years and ten to live our faith out.
   8. Unified Truth
   Unified truth to set free, pounding the wall
   obey me, in holy, unified truth we stay. I feel the
   force of God all around my side, my sight is lisght by
   storm of great unified life. My heart is kept by safe
   unfailing words, the wall of hearts, that worship
   Christ our Lord. My God sees all men, as equal parts,
   within the body of mankind as a global voice, the
   joining of all race to stand as one the death of war,
   when peace has come to mankind, we are seeing the
   revolution of destruction of racial hatred, unified
   under God all men are equal in his sight. Blacks ,
   Asians, Reds, Jews, Whites [X 4]
   I feel hate for hate
   my need to care for what afflicts the brothers of man
   worldwide. Unity brings a power where all are for the
   furthering of mankind as a unified force
   9. Visited By An Angel
   visited by an angel, a beautiful love song, surrounded
   by a clouded light, the joy was overwhelming, who are
   you I mustered, from a shaken breath, I am an Angel
   especially to minister to you today. Don't go away, I
   pleaded I never do, it smiled. Suddenly a vision
   thouseands of people who hated me, all around what did
   I see, what can man do to you? The awesome presence
   said I fell back in a peace all my fear relieved,
   from my bed I arose with a joy filled heart of praise
   I laughed until I cried, I could not believe my state,
   I fell down to the floor, an utter laughing mess.
   Visited by an angel, a very special gift, months of
   pain have followed as I have fought a cancer plight
   but I was sent an angel to show I had a strenght, God
   showed me my special friend that day, that day!!!

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