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Blackwater, 22 listopada AD 2002
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MORTIFICATION - The Silver Cord is Severed (teksty oryginalne)

   1. Metal Blessing
   The church of steel,
   Standing for God,
   Preaching the word
   The way of faith,
   Breaking the death.
   Never afraid.
   Metal blessing, blessing
   Metal blessing, blessing
   Metallic Faith,
   Rising in ways,
   Not to be beat.
   His way of iron,
   Searching for wisdom
   Gaining his favour
   Satan stalking,
   Hates the faithful,
   Church still standing, in the fight
   Steel of thunder, in our footsteps,
   As we stamp out, hate from earth
   Pounding the walls,
   Heeding the call,
   Boldly wrought.
   Armour of steel,
   Quenching the darts, of the evil
   2. Access Denied
   Fold your hands, fold your hands,
   Drop the past
   Access denied, success defiled
   Fold your hands, fold your hands,
   Drop the past, time for change,
   Different stage, a new level.
   Night falls on your heart
   Fold your hands, fold your hands
   Raise your eyes, time has come,
   Now it's done, raise your eyes
   Access, new ground,
   Confess, you're found
   Light force on your heart
   3. Hardware
   Hardware, tools we need to build new life
   Hardware, rusted veins need revive
   Hardware, holes in our mind of pain
   Hardware, the word of life in our brain
   Just take a walk down the narrow road
   Ignore exits, stay on course
   The road map leads the way
   To life in a brighter day
   Nine more hours to a new millennium
   Stop on the roadside pray a prayer
   Time to reflect on my past life
   Drive again to make a new start
   Trouble playing on the record player
   Somber sounds on a cloudy day
   Run to the light they sing with hope
   Searching for a brighter day
   Tools of the word a timeless help
   Milleniums pass, all things change
   Like the vinyl on the record player
   Old things pass but the hardware stays
   4. Bring The Joy
   I feel the power burning
   Deep down inside my soul
   I know the real Jesus
   He brings my salvation
   Prepare to feel power
   As the spirit reveals bring forth truth
   Your brain receives
   Bring the joy
   With the power of sound
   Shout it out aloud
   Shout it out aloud
   On volume ten
   I See the world is turning
   In all the wrong directions
   Now hear the burning sound
   Pointing the right way
   We won't stop, we won't go
   God reveals truth, now it's time
   5. Standing At The Door Of Death
   I have seen the devil's fires
   All around the youth
   I have seen the funeral pyres
   Too much suicide
   Jesus died, blood of christ
   Don't heed the lies, of the evil side
   Standing at the door of death
   I have seen the light of heaven
   My eternity
   Realise, Christ, paid the price
   Don't need to die, without eternal life
   6. Whom They Would Kill
   Will you greet a stranger
   Not of this world
   Who finds it strange here
   Who's not at home?
   Who won't fit in
   Who's called a fool
   Who lives despised
   Whom they would kill?
   If you'd place yourself
   In his place yourself
   You'd find what he's found
   Be gone where he's bound
   You'd find relief
   With your believe
   Happy to be strange
   You'll be at peace
   7. I Am A Revolutionary
   Revolution in my mind
   In my sleep, in my time
   You must be issued with vision
   Not too many last this long
   Conservative, soul life
   Straight way, extremist, revolutionary
   Born again christian
   I am revolutionary
   I'm of the old school
   I am a metal missionary
   I am a revolutionary
   All my life always a fighter
   Tried to excel at anything exciting
   Knew I had to do something for God
   Useless to succeed for self
   I could see a rising revolution
   What I saw was a mighty stand
   White washed and watered down
   Time to re-sing the message loud
   Come and join the revolution
   Jesus Metal throughout the nations
   Come and join the mighty stand!
   Preach the word, his command
   Go to the world and win disciples
   You know we don't need the fame
   On an image of evil ways
   Walking close to the blade
   Tolerant only to thruth
   We embrace this quote
   Has the revolution faded?
   Come on all you mighty men
   Hold up a brand new flag
   Unashamed Jesus bands
   Who cares what the world will think
   We must witness to help save them
   8. Forsake The Flesh
   Forsake the flesh
   Time to deny the covet
   Time to deny the covet
   Eating the mind
   World full of lust
   Where you abide, desire much
   Exocise the covet
   Learning to control the flesh
   Wanting to revive
   Health within your spirit
   Kill your desire
   Kneeling in obedience
   Block the sinful side
   Covet not your neighbour's wife
   Covet not his house
   Count your many blessings
   Stop and view the stars
   Hear the birds whistle
   Satisfied with life
   Fight the need for greed
   Content with self
   Balance of faculties
   Harmonise your soul
   Deny the need for more
   Thank God daily
   9. Sensitive Nerve Endings
   Sensitive nerve endings, endings
   Evil on my spine attacking, attacking
   The way of hate may break my spine
   Grace sufficient in this time
   Miracles daily come my way
   Patience to wait until today
   Thy will be done in my life of pain
   I will wait your perfect time
   I thank God when I see my life
   I can feel my brother's pain
   Martyrs die with hands held high
   In the west we turn our eyes
   Give us your world view of will
   I thank God he spared my life
   10. The Silver Cord Is Severed
   Remember God before the silver cord is severed
   Or the golden bowl is broken
   Remember your creator
   In the days of your youth
   Before the days of trouble come
   And you find no pleasure in them
   When the keepers of the house will tremble
   And the strong men will stoop
   When the grinders cease because they are few
   And the sound of grinding fades
   Are you a judge of another man?
   Is your life just vanity?
   Maybe look where you will stand?
   On the day of your death!
   Fear God and follow his commands
   For this is the duty of man
   God will bring every deed of judge
   Including any hidden sin

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