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Blackwater, 22 listopada AD 2002
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MORTIFICATION - Hammer of God (teksty oryginalne)

   1. Metal Crusade
   We will not stop fighting,
   as evil deceives.
   Thousands of lives,
   will be relieved.
   Metal crusade,
   spreading the Gospel truth,
   raising the shield,
   evil lies demolished
   Metal crusade,
   salvation through the cross,
   belt of truth,
   firm around our waist
   Curses coming our way,
   satan thinks he has won,
   but we know the story,
   live everlasting,
   cancer and pain,
   will not stop the fight
   Jesus is risen,
   knowlege will come.
   Metal crusade,
   spreading the Gospel truth,
   bearing the sword,
   of the spirit of life.
   Metal crusade,
   salvation through the cross,
   helmet of salvation,
   guarding our minds.
   Through word and music,
   metal shall be reached,
   Jesus will return,
   when all have heard His ways.
   No stone left unturned,
   as we seek your life,
   some way or other,
   you will find The Truth
   Metal crusade,
   spreading the Gospel truth,
   shoes shod, to speed us on.
   Metal crusade,
   salvation through the cross,
   breastplate of righteousness,
   showing God's approval.
   2. Martyrs
   Die for your faith,
   die for your faith,
   die for your faith,
   die for what you believe in
   Small group in Cambodia,
   gather in the mud brick room,
   teachers shares The Word,
   then they kneed and pray,
   communist soldiers storm the door,
   throw the Bible to the floor,
   spit upon this book
   or you will breath your last
   one by one they spit and cry
   they're in fear of their lives
   a young girl wipes her Jesus dry
   shot in the head she dies.
   Evil man killing the christians
   satan gives him the false abuse,
   but as he reads The Bible truth,
   he converst to the Christian Faith,
   taken to the evil leaders, he is a disgrace
   thrown into a slime filled pit,
   eaten by rats for his new Faith.
   Preaching man in china,
   taken from hias family home,
   thrown into a prison cell,
   for no criminal reason,
   rotting and tortured in his fate,
   he will not deny his Faith,
   he knows the truth of Christian ways,
   no brutal force will make him change.
   3. Lock Up the Night
   Lock up the night, release the fire,
   now show The Light, pray for morning,
   Take out the dark, Spirit shine,
   glowing eyes, show the heart of life.
   Take the day now for the Lord,
   choosen the way how to decide,
   run away to the skies,
   unseen power to receive.
   Feel the pain now it appears,
   darkness hates how Jesus heals,
   fly away to Life,
   mighty Grace to be free.
   See the plan for it is real,
   satan plots death to steal.
   Arrive now to Light,
   shining joy to reveal.
   4. In the Woods
   In the woods,
   blacken ways, turn to day,
   dark mist,
   move and twist, won't stay,
   guiding eyes,
   from the sky, lead our path,
   tangled vines,
   cutting back, see our track.
   In the woods, prophecy,
   in the woods, daylight.
   See the sky,
   empty night, bring the Light,
   ray of Son,
   flashing high, trees alight,
   God's Son,
   pouring forth, breaking dark.
   Walking forth,
   in our Faith, not afraid,
   dark ways,
   crowding in, don't betray,
   Mighty Lord,
   bringing forth, our guide,
   see The Path,
   reach the end, Glory Side.
   5. A Pearl
   A pearl in a crystal shell,
   pure and race compassion shown,
   a smile that deepens my health,
   Angel wings rise in your peace.
   Pain in the bones, longing for home,
   mercy shown, stands forever,
   bringing The Light, see the smiles,
   through the pain, when I wake,
   feel the care, flowing round,
   in the air, today,
   Angles' Grace, from Heavens Gate.
   Feel the pain, in my veins,
   in despair, but you are there,
   drugs of fate, burn and scare,
   shocking ways, far to near,
   someone shows compassion and care,
   Angels Grace from Heavens Gate.
   6. Hammer of God
   Hammer of God,
   Crushing the gates of evil
   Reigning in Glory,
   Satan bows to The Word
   Fire, burning, swords, blazing,
   Hate, dying, Glory, Raised.
   Heads held high,
   reflecting God shining
   Now the Hammer has fallen
   Evil lies, on the anvil
   Sparks are flying,
   as the Hammer smashing blow.
   See the sky,
   streams of Light breaking forth
   Darkness cracked,
   as the candle shines
   Raised with force,
   the Hammer will prevail
   Christian ways victorious,
   fill us with Your praise.
   We are light, spreading Gospel Truth
   You just might listen to our ways
   Now be converted, feel the blessed heart
   Change forever, eternal life
   7. Liberal Mediocrity
   Liberal Mediocrity
   Taking from The Word is a disgrace.
   Politically Correct,
   Tickle the ears and kill the faith.
   Rightly divide The Word of Truth,
   Profit for doctrine and reproof,
   Rightly divide The Word of Truth,
   understand Scripture and it's use.
   Liberal Mediocrity
   Modernistic tainted by the world.
   Politically Correct,
   Open mind is poisoned to death.
   Read it, live it.
   The Lord is coming for a spotless church.
   Repentant, forgiven.
   Not deceived by words of man.
   8. Extreme Conditions
   Extreme conditions demand extreme responses
   We'll not die, we will stand on high
   Prayful warfare, leaves us reigning
   Extreme conditions, blasting fury.
   Under the hideous spell,
   masses are tormented
   Under the fate of death,
   heathen are burning
   seek the way of Life,
   Christians are forgiven
   He died to save us,
   bringing us to Heaven
   The gates open wide,
   millions truding forth
   satan rises laughing,
   taking the young ones
   Close the gates in your life,
   look to the Master
   see the blood dripping,
   salvation through the cross
   Revived, Forever, Glorious, Eternal.
   As you smash the evil,
   grab hold the Endless Flame
   Holy Spirit burning,
   inside your Soul unchained
   Feel the Preace and Power,
   flowing through your blood
   There's no fear of death,
   satan has been crushed
   9. Ride the Light
   Raise the name, feel the might
   Heaven Gate, Swords of steel
   Faith and Hope, ride The Light
   Pure wisdom, strengh and Grace.
   Runing through the forest
   of life to find my way
   See the Light shining,
   but the cat is on the prowl
   Deception running close,
   do not be fooled by strife
   The truth is in the pages,
   all else is false.
   Chasing the rainbow,
   the sign of Gods Grace
   never be destroyed by floods,
   rolling down your face
   The pain may haunt your soul,
   yor body racked with pain
   But think of Paul & Job
   and feed upon His Grace.
   Crystalize your tears,
   dried upon The Cross
   Blood drips on your pain,
   time to ride the Light
   Thoughts of home are near,
   Paradise is close
   But living for The King,
   we press on in His Grace.
   10. D.W.A.M.
   D.W.A.M. Daniel was a mosher
   A plan to kill off Daniel
   by the administrators
   get the king to issue a royal decree
   Stage dived into the lions den
   administrotors want him dead
   But the lions surfed him all around
   D.W.A.M. Daniel was a mosher
   For thirty nights must worship just the king
   But Daniel prayed three times a day
   to our God on high.
   The enemies observed him pray
   they went & told the king his ways
   the king was sad he'd signed the plot
   Daniel was a trusted man.
   There was no way out for the king
   Bound by law to stick to his
   Laws he made cannot be changed
   Into the pit offenders thrown.
   Daniel was throw into the lions den
   But God closed their hungry mouths
   and he was not dead.

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